Spring, is that you?

Posted On Mar 10, 2022

Spring, is that you?

Have you ever been more excited to see spring finally arrive?  We certainly are.  Warmer weather and more sunlight benefits us all and with the extra hour we gain in March, we have even more time to enjoy our days. Here are a few ways to welcome spring home!

It's Time to Spring Clean

Yes, it’s that time again, but spring cleaning does not have to be a daunting task.  This seasonal tradition allows us to freshen up our homes and organize our lives.  Our friends from the Spruce share 6 Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning.

Today is the Day to Start Exercising!
You know it’s coming…shorts, swimsuits, and short-sleeves. So, because we will be exposing more skin soon, let’s give ourselves the gift of regular exercise – starting now. Whether it’s a daily walk to explore your neighbourhood, a slow-jog, or a trip to your local gym, it’s amazing how much better you feel with that endorphin rush.

Find your Creative Side

If you have ever thought of improving or even beginning your artistic skills, why not start now? The nice thing about art is it is universal and can be a reflection yourself.  Another bonus, every community has options to take art classes but, if that is not for you, there are many options to take lessons from home.  With the help from Creative Bloq, we found The Best Online Art Classes for 2022.  Grab you paint brush and watch your skills flourish.

Grow a Green Thumb

Would you like to dabble in gardening this spring?  Gardening has health benefits, reconnects you with nature and it is easier than you think.  First things first, let’s talk space as it is a precious commodity  and you will want to know the extent to which your newfound hobby will spread.  Start off with 1 project or jump in with 5, it’s up to you.  Then you will want to learn the light in your apartment and determine whether you get full sun, partial sun or full shade as this will help you learn which plants will thrive in your atmosphere.  We asked Apartment List to share their Apartment Gardening Tips to guide us to success.

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