Digging into Compost: A Guide to Sustainable Waste Reduction

Posted On May 15, 2024

As a proud member of the Certified Rental Building™ (CRB) Program at Kelson Group, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment across our properties in Western Canada. From enhancing energy efficiency to promoting waste diversion and water preservation, we’re dedicated to creating a greener tomorrow.

As part of this mission, we encourage our residents to practice composting to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize waste, recycle nutrients, and improve soil health.

With ‘Learn About Composting Day’ coming up on May 29, it’s the perfect time to discover how this simple process can significantly impact our planet.

Here are five tips to get started composting at home:

  • Find a bin that is right for you: Consider the space you have at your home and the volume of material you plan to compost. Choose a bin that fits the space and is easily accessible. Make sure the bin has a good lid to avoid attracting insects or other pests.

  • Accumulate material to be composted: The secret to successful composting is achieving the right balance of fresh ‘green’ materials and dry ‘brown’ materials. These could include plants, fruit peels, food scraps, tea bags, as well as coffee grounds, and even shredded paper.

  • Avoid composting meat, bones, cheese, oily foods, and diseased plants: While most organic materials are suitable for composting, some items should not be composted.

  • Begin composting: Fill one-third of your bin with browns and add greens often. To prevent unwanted smells, add more browns and mix all materials together to release moisture and add air.

  • Mix once a week: Use a shovel, garden fork or compost aerating tool to turn over the materials in the compost regularly and add air and be sure to add water as needed.

At Kelson Group, we are proud to lead the way by supporting the city-run composting bin at most sites, with some cities we serve currently in the process of rolling this out. Additionally, our Heatheridge Estates Apartments in Edmonton have initiated a composting program so resident gardeners can apply compost to their garden beds and reduce organic food waste. When combined with others, your small contribution can make a significant, sustainable impact.


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