Kelson Group's Safe + Secure Series

Posted On Mar 30, 2022

Kelson Group’s Safe + Secure Series

One aspect of what we do at Kelson Group is our focus on Property Management. We manage apartment buildings throughout B.C. and Alberta, and even though every apartment community is different, there are many commonalities we encounter every day - especially when it comes to safety and security. Our Safe + Secure Series is our opportunity to highlight a special topic on safety and security to help you learn more about what we are doing at Kelson Group, and how our residents can participate. Even if you are not a Kelson Group resident, these tips will likely be applicable and helpful to you. Stay safe!

                                                                                                                                                -  Kelly Fawcett, Vice President, Kelson Group

Safer Apartment Tours: Day or Night

If anyone ‘gets their steps in’ during a typical day, it is Adam Curtis, Building Manager at Lexington Court Apartments in Langley, B.C. A Kelson Group property, residents of Lexington Court find manager Adam to be a familiar face, which demonstrates the care and attention to detail they enjoy and rely on.

“I want to make sure residents feel right at home and ask questions about the efforts that go into the safety and security of where they live.  From day-one moving in, we like residents to feel special about living here and that we deal with situations quickly, so no one feels ignored in their time of need. Kelson Group is a family company too and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Information is key to making residents feel connected and safer, says Adam.  “Whether it is for someone just moving in or a long-time resident, we offer a guided apartment tour to learn about the enhanced safety and security features of our building, plus how we can best assist with either routine inquiries or the more urgent.  Living in an urban area like Langley, there are a lot of things that are good to know to better ensure the safety and security of residents.”

Why Apartment Tours

What can someone learn on an apartment tour? 

“We explain everything about the building and around the building. How the entrances are secured, how to keep your vehicle protected in the parking areas, how outside door and window locks work in your own apartment, etc.”

Tours are normally conducted during daytime office hours, and with the emergence of the pandemic, people can take a virtual tour on their cell phone or computer.

Safety Tips for Apartment Tours

Kelson Group recommends these safety tips for apartment tours during the evening, but applicable any time of day:

  • Bring a friend or family member
  • Bring your cell phone
  • If you need to go alone, check-in with a friend when you arrive for the tour and when you are done
  • Park in a well-lit area
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle at anytime of day
  • Text the Building Manager when you arrive to meet you at the suite, so you are not waiting around

Touring during the evening can give you a good sense for the lighting and security of the building, and how comfortable you feel in the neighbourhood. You will also have a better sense of the apartment building when most residents are home to see how full the parking lot is and what the evening atmosphere is like. The more information you can learn about a building and your neighbours, the better-informed decision you can make about where you choose to live.

Safety + Security Questions to Ask Your Building Manager

“It is very valuable to learn about what is offered at any building as there are often advanced safety features and amenities that may be unfamiliar to you, especially if it is your first time living in a Kelson Group property.”

Here are a few safety + security questions you will want to ask:

  • Is there a security system for the entire building?
  • How well lit is the building and the grounds?
  • Does the door to my suite have at least one deadbolt lock?
  • If there is a patio or balcony, what is the locking system for exterior doors?
  • Do maintenance staff and building management wear name tags or clothing with the company’s logo?
  • Do the exterior doors have automatic door closures or self-locking doors?

Adam believes everyone can live better when they’re better informed.

“By offering apartment tours and answering questions, we are also constantly learning about ways to improve the safety and security of our residents, one of the reasons I enjoy my role and look after the building like it is my home.”

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