5 Green-Living Tips if You Live in an Apartment

Posted On Apr 18, 2022

Sustainable living and being able to create a positive environmental impact are not just for those living in houses. Condominium and apartment residents can also choose to be more earth-conscious through several choices they make in their day-to-day lives. And what better time to start than on Earth Day?

Did you know that by living in an apartment, you are already reducing your carbon footprint? It is true! You have lower maintenance needs, less vacuuming, and cleaning necessities, and there is no big backyard to care for, thus reducing your water usage. To make a more intentional impact, apartment residents can adopt several different tricks in their daily lives.

Here are five tips to start living more sustainably starting this Earth Day, April 22, 2022.

  1. Focus on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Reuse what you can, reduce what you bring into the home and recycle whenever possible. Reducing consumption is a big aspect of the 3R strategy, however if you love shopping, try to buy multi-use and recyclable items, and make use of your apartment’s recycling and green bin options.

Most properties from Kelson Group in Alberta have a recycling program, while some have cardboard recycling only. All buildings in the group’s Kamloops properties, participate in the city’s recycling program. Each building has containers for recycling material that are separate from garbage bins.

  1. Use eco-friendly cleaning products

It is not enough to keep our living spaces clean, but to truly be effective, we need to be on the lookout for cleaning products that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and green. Consider making home-made cleaning solutions using natural products such as lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. Or look for natural and organic cleaning products for your cleaning needs.

  1. Get your steps in by taking the stairs

Unable to share the elevator with your neighbours while maintaining social distancing? Why not take stairs! While taking stairs may seem obvious, many residents look to stairs only as a fire escape; but stairs can be beneficial for keeping active in small ways while saving electricity. 

  1. Conserve electricity

Avoiding elevator usage, especially for lower levels in your apartment building, can prove to be a wonderful way to save electricity, but there are several other ways to conserve electricity as well. Turn off lights and unplug electronics and other devices when not in use. Switching to light emitting diode lights, or LED lights, is also an energy-efficient option.

As a pilot project, two of Kelson Groups’ properties in Kamloops have installed solar panels to help reduce energy costs for shared areas like the lobby and hallways. It is our goal to reduce our carbon footprint as a company, and we see solar power giving us the opportunity to do that.

  1. Include greens in your décor diet

Include a healthy portion of greens in your apartment’s décor diet; no, we are not suggesting spinach and broccoli, but beautiful indoor plants that will not only keep your indoors fresh and clean but could also absorb harmful chemicals and by-products given off by indoor products such as make-up sprays or other aerosols.

We at Kelson Group, understand the language of green. Our Heathridge Estates Apartments in Edmonton have a community garden for its residents. Located in the old tennis courts, residents can book a garden box and tend to their own little piece of green heaven. Kelson Groups’ Peterson Landing Apartments and Dufferin Terrace Apartments, both in Kamloops, have garden boxes that tenants can use. Langley’s Lexington Court Apartments and Surrey’s Panorama Crossing are also proud to have community gardens for residents.

Try this fun idea when you move into one of our Kelson Group apartments: grow some basic greens for garnishes and serve some homegrown mint with that next round of mojitos to guests!

Additionally, checking with your Building Manager on what your specific apartment building offers is always a great idea.

Do not be intimated by the thought of reducing your carbon footprint. While making massive changes is not always possible, one small step may be just where we all need to start. Let us choose earth and a greener tomorrow.

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