Easy and Affordable Valentine’s Gifts from the Heart

Posted On Feb 10, 2020


Show your appreciation with DIY gifts from the heart this Valentine's Day. No expensive or grand gestures required (unless, of course, you really want to go big!). Sometimes the most meaningful tokens of affection come in small packages. After all, it's the thought that counts, right?


Most of these ideas are also kid-friendly activities and there are also some school-specific ideas for classroom Valentines that could easily be repurposed to spread love to others in retirement homes and hospitals! We've included a few unique twists on the traditional for those who just aren't feeling crafty or don't have the time to DIY. Hopefully you find some ideas you love!


DIY tokens of appreciation:

●        Plant one – Small potted plants like these succulents are gifts that keep on giving. Personalize the pot with a message of love or a heart.

●        Sign of love – Take a small piece of wood (many dollar stores have ready-made pieces to pick from) and put your love on display. This wood round mantle sign and this paint marker arrow art stole our hearts!

●        Light of your life – Mason jars make for versatile candle votives. Paint or decorate jars with markers, twine, artificial flowers—or just about anything you can think of—add a candle and voila! Endless variations can be found here on Pinterest.


Classroom Valentines:

●        Sweet treats – There are many print-at-home options for creating Valentine's treat bags. We're sweet on these ones!

●        School of fish – If you're looking for an idea that doesn't result in a classroom full of candy-fuelled children, then you'll love this idea using goldfish crackers. It's cute, fun & easy!

●        Mould hearts – We fell for this 4-minute sparkly red cinnamon-scented playdough recipe! It's easy, no mess and means not having to worry about meeting school food rules. This is a great idea for daycares and preschools too!


Traditional with a DIY twist:

●        Bouquet of love – Flowers are a Valentine go-to. Add a sweet personal touch by putting a second vase around the bouquet and filling the space in between with your love's favourite candy or conversation hearts as done in this example.

●        Heartfelt card – Instead of a store-bought card, make your own. There are plenty of fancy and no-frills options to choose from! What better way to say how you feel?

●        Homemade experiences – Create a spa experience at home with candles, fancy bath salts, and massage oils. Most spas sell product for home use. Check with your local spas to see what you can add to your at-home spa experience. We also heart these date night in a box ideas—get creative and enjoy!


We hope these Valentine suggestions make your life, and the life of those you love, better!

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