Good Neighbour Agreements: Helping Everyone Enjoy Their Home

Posted On Feb 18, 2020

Research conducted by the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York in 2007 suggests that Good Neighbour Agreements have many benefits to residents including:

  • Reinforcing resident agreements
  • Reassuring residents' concerns around anti-social behaviour will be addressed
  • Promoting a shared set of community standards and expectations
  • Highlighting the rights and responsibilities of residents and landlords
  • Helping to prevent evictions.


Kelson Group designed its Good Neighbour Promise with these benefits in mind, at the request of our residents to strengthen the community they live in. The goal of this promise is to clarify some common courteous and respectful actions that can be demonstrated and to inspire everyone to be a good neighbour today, tomorrow, and the day after that!

Kelson's Good Neighbour Promise covers some key areas including noise, pets, conduct, parking, and garbage, that all residents have agreed to follow as Good Neighbours.


  • Recognizing sleep and work schedules vary, and everyday chores can create noise for other residents, keeping noise at a minimum.
  • Complying to the building's posted quiet hours and being mindful of when to engage in noisy tasks.


  • Picking up after pets and keeping common areas clean and tidy.
  • Ensuring pets (or visiting pets) don't damage the building, property, or rental suite.
  • Keeping dogs on a leash when outside, and not leaving a dog alone if it barks.



  • Recognizing and respecting shared common spaces such as a lobby, hallways, and other areas and being be mindful to keep noise to a minimum in these spaces—including refraining from running.



  • Using designated parking stalls and not blocking or interfering with the ability of others to use or access their parking space. This includes ensuring guests park in designated visitor parking areas.
  • Refraining from sharing parking garage fobs or entry codes to ensure and maintain safety for all.


  • Keeping suites and common areas clean—including hallways, stairwells, the parking lot, and garbage/recycling area.
  • Avoiding the attraction of unwanted pests by following proper disposal of garbage, recycling, and composting.


We strive to ensure comfort, safety,  and enjoyment for all residents and ask everyone to join us in helping everyone feel at home by being a Good Neighbour.

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