Take The Time to Hit Pause this Holiday Season

Posted On Dec 23, 2021

Years ago, Adam Sandler starred in a movie called “Click.” The premise of the movie was that he found a magical remote control that could in fact control time, pausing key moments, rewinding to redo moments, and fast forwarding through unpleasant circumstances. There are likely times over the past year or longer where you may have felt the same, and a magic remote control would be the best gift this holiday to fast forward, rewind, or pause time.
This holiday season, I encourage you to try and click “pause” for moments at a time to stop, reflect, and enjoy the time. This could be as simple as going for a walk around your neighbourhood, inviting a neighbour or friend over to enjoy a cup of cheer, or enjoying the pleasure of simply doing nothing. It is in these times of fellowship and reflection where we can truly appreciate all that we have living in this incredible country of Canada and contemplate what we want more and less of in the coming year.
From our entire Kelson Group family to you and yours, happy holidays, and warm wishes for time to relax and press pause.
Jason Fawcett, President
Kelson Group Property Management

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