May Anniversaries 2024

Posted On May 1, 2024

“Togetherness, for me, means teamwork.”- Walt Disney 

Some work is meant to inspire others, some is designed to help each other live. In the industry we work in, it requires a lot of different perspectives to work as one to get the job done to its full potential. At Kelson Group, even though some tasks may be better led individually, in the end it succeeds the most when our employees work together. The teams that are formed have contributed and made such an impact on the growth every year.  

Today, we invite you to join us in thanking the following employees for their dedication to Kelson Group and their hard work in helping our residents live better:  

Shawn Curtis| Kamloops Building Manager | 14 Years 

Austin Jennings | Kamloops City Maintenance Manager| 12 Years 

Adam Curtis | Fraser Valley Building Manager| 10 Years 

Rebecca Scott| Kamloops Accounts Receivable | 6 Years 

Kurt Quinlan| Kamloops Maintenance | 5 Years 

Raina Yoon | Kamloops Building Manager| 2 Years 

Jennifer Cleveland | Kamloops Development Site Safety Supervisor | 2 Years 

Patrick Brown | Kamloops Development Site Supervisor | 2 Years 

Diane Drewitt | Fraser Valley Building Manager| 1 Year 

Luc Truchon | Fraser Valley Maintenance| 1 Year 

To the above employees, please know that your commitment and growth are deeply appreciated and recognized.  Your positive attitude, professionalism, and determination have helped create an environment where excellence thrives.  We are thrilled to have you as a part of our team and are excited to see all that you will accomplish in the future. 

Jason Fawcett, President 

Kelson Group 

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