Capturing a 50 Year Legacy in 10 Minutes

Posted On May 31, 2024

Two years ago, Kelson Group’s Marketing Director Mandy Curtis assembled a team to develop a video to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary. With no shortage of stories to share over the past five decades, the challenge would be how to capture it all in one short and succinct video.

“This was an important project, so we worked with our communications team from Amplify Consulting Inc. to help with developing the concept and the production and hired Kiwi Man Creative to film and edit the video,” shared Curtis. “I was excited for the opportunity to capture the rich history, values, and achievements of our company, as well as feature the dedicated people who work hard day in and day out to help provide apartments to help our residents live better.”

The film is a journey through 50 years, featuring interviews with Kelson Group’s founder Ron Fawcett, President Jason Fawcett, Vice President Kelly Fawcett, and several staff members from B.C. and Alberta, plus footage captured over 2 years of the company’s grand openings, staff events, and more.

“The biggest thrill for me was to see how the film came together, and the biggest surprise were all the candid moments and genuine responses in the interviews with our team,” Curtis noted. “This film captures a true story; the ups and downs our company has gone through. I think those who watch it will not only enjoy the film, but also learn new things about our company they did not know before.”

Film maker, Liam Hall of Kiwi Man Creative, reflects on the initial project meeting with Kelson Group.

"I remember sitting in the Kelson Group boardroom with the team with the feeling that this was a big occasion for the company, and the gravity of it was not lost on me,” shared Hall. “Having done some work with Kelson Group before, the energy of the team has always been authentic. We were able to hold onto the authenticity of the people and the company throughout the entire film.”

The film is a journey, capturing the excitement of grand openings to the heartbreak of a fire that leveled one of their Edmonton properties. It spotlights the resilience of the company to move through the good, the bad, and the recession of the 80s.

“The film is an inspiring look at the legacy of a company that has grown from strength to strength,” said Hall. “It’s an insight into the real people who make it all happen.”

Now that the film has debuted at a watch party for the Kelson Group staff and family members, Curtis is delighted to invite people to watch it.

“It’s a curious journey through history, inspiring milestones, and the profound impact of Kelson Group over the past 50 years,” noted Curtis. “For myself, and my colleagues, we look forward to being a part of building upon the legacy to create a future that is even brighter, more inclusive, and more sustainable for the next 50 years.”

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