Kelson Groups' 50th Anniversary

Posted On Mar 21, 2024

For half a century, Kelson Group has exemplified superior leadership and professionalism in the property management industry across British Columbia and Alberta, taking pride in their commitment to help their residents live better. As they mark their 50th anniversary this year, it’s a time to celebrate and reflect on the legacy of leadership and professionalism they’ve forged over five decades.

Since its inception, Kelson Group’s mission has been to provide safe, clean, and attractive rental homes for families throughout Western Canada. As part of this commitment to excellence in property management, Kelson Group is a proud member of LandlordBC and the Alberta Residential Landlord Association (ARLA). These affiliations underscore Kelson Group’s dedication to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and service within the rental housing sector, to ensure residents experience not just a place to live, but a true sense of home.


“Renters can be confident that when they secure a home from Kelson Group, their building will be clean and well-maintained, and that their interactions with the Kelson team will be professional and respectful,” said David Hutniak, CEO of LandlordBC, commending the company for its dedication and hard work over the years.

Executive Director of ARLA, Donna Monkhouse, shared a similar sentiment of Kelson Group’s commitment to maintain positive landlord-tenant relationships, stating, “Having interacted with some of their staff, we consistently find them to be professional and courteous. Their statement, which emphasizes providing safe, clean, and attractive rental homes, as well as providing rewarding work for their employees and supporting local communities, encapsulates their values and commitment.”

Additionally, as part of their commitment to maintain a high standard of quality throughout the buildings they own, build, and manage, Kelson Group is part of the Canadian Certified Rental Building Program (CCRBP), North America’s first and only quality-assurance certification program for apartment buildings.

“Kelson Group was one of the first in Edmonton to demonstrate their commitment to professionalism within the industry by certifying all of their buildings through the Canadian Certified Rental Building Program,” recalled Monkhouse. “This initiative shows their dedication to excellence and commitment to their tenants.”

As the rental housing industry continues to evolve, Kelson Group remains at the forefront, prioritizing not only the quality of their rental properties, but also the well-being of their tenants, employees, and the communities they serve.

“As the need for scale becomes increasingly important to weather the industry’s unpredictable nature, Kelson Group has met this challenge through consistent but well-managed growth, all while never compromising their core values,” remarked Hutniak. “On behalf of LandlordBC and our members across British Columbia, we congratulate Kelson Group on their first 50 years, and wish them all the best in their next 50 years.”

Monkhouse also recognizes Kelson Group’s outstanding contributions and commitment to their tenants in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

“The Alberta Residential Landlord Association would like to extend their congratulations to Kelson Group on reaching their 50th Anniversary milestone. They are, like all our members, dedicated landlords who care about their tenants, the community, and the city we live in, consistently demonstrating unwavering support for our association.”

With a steadfast dedication to providing safe, secure, and sustainable rental homes, Kelson Group has not only shaped the landscape of the rental housing industry but has also enriched the lives of countless residents across Western Canada. As the company embarks on the next 50 years, their dedication to professionalism, community, and service sets a standard for others to aspire to.

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