APRIL Anniversaries

Posted On Apr 3, 2024

"The essential question is not 'How busy are you?' but 'What are you busy at?" - Oprah Winfrey

Part of success isn’t just getting the job or making a profit. A big part of succeeding in a job is the team you are working with and getting the tasks done together. Time effectiveness plays a big part in teamwork and efficiency. Here at Kelson Group, we have found it to be a great determining factor in every day’s successes. Our employees have the common ground of using their time effectively when needing to get through the daily grind of the day. We want to take the opportunity to thank the dedication of some of those employees this month for using every bit of their workday to its fullest and making an effort each task they approach.

Today, we invite you to join us in thanking the following employees for their dedication to Kelson Group and their hard work in helping our residents live better:

David Somerville| Fraser Valley Building Manager | 12 Years

Rhonda Tomlin | Kamloops Building Manager| 10 Years

Cheryl Lewis | Prince George Building Manager| 9 Years

Virgina Martin| Kamloops Accounts Payable | 9 Years

Michelle Brown| Development Project Administrator | 2 Years

Ronald Byman | Prince George Maintenance| 2 Years

Brian Furlong | Edmonton Maintenance| 1 Year

Julianna Brooker | Prince George Building Manager| 1 Year

To the above employees, please know that your commitment and growth are deeply appreciated and recognized.  Your positive attitude, professionalism, and determination have helped create an environment where excellence thrives.  We are thrilled to have you as a part of our team and are excited to see all that you will accomplish in the future.

Jason Fawcett, President

Kelson Group

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