Kelson Group Launches its Safe + Secure Series

Posted On Feb 11, 2022

Most times when people are looking for an apartment, location, price, and how well suited it is to their need for space and layout are the top priorities. This makes sense because you want to live in a place that is perhaps close to where you work, you need the price to fit your budget, and everyone appreciates enough space to enjoy living and entertaining. Because these are the top priorities for most of our residents, that means we have a responsibility to focus on two areas that may be farther down their list of priorities: safety and security. As a residential tenant renting an apartment, many times when you sign a lease, you are not able to make additional security or safety additions, which is why we are focused on taking care of that for you.

Some of the work we have been undertaking as a company is focused on both safety and security. Many times, we partner with local security experts who review our properties and make a recommended list of improvements for us to undertake.

We are constantly enhancing security standards at each property with better lighting, deadbolt systems, secured mailboxes, and storage lockers. We also encourage residents to interact with one another and build community within their buildings to look out for one another. A newer initiative we are looking to expand our involvement in is with the Crime Free Housing program in communities that offer the program. This is where we will partner with local police to work together to keep illegal and nuisance activity off our properties. When it comes to safety, we are focused on designing our buildings and individual suites, especially those with balconies, to employ a high level of safety standards.

Over the course of this year, we are rolling out our Safe + Secure Series which will highlight a special topic on safety and security to help you learn more about what we are doing at Kelson Group, and how you as a resident can participate. If you don’t live at a Kelson Group property, perhaps this series will give you ideas on what you can do or ask your landlord to implement. Our goal at Kelson Group is to provide apartments to help you live better, and a part of that is our commitment and focus on safety and security.

Kelly Fawcett,

Vice President, Kelson Group

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