Kelson Group Emergency Calls and General Preventative Maintenance Tips

Posted On Jun 9, 2020

Our staff works hard to help our residents live better - this includes our maintenance crews, which are on site keeping things running.

Due to current restrictions related to COVID-19, crews are only responding to emergency maintenance calls. Most maintenance calls are related to plumbing issues, an essential service we all require!

We've put together a list of a few preventative tips and tutorials to keep your building's plumbing working efficiently and help reduce the number of emergency calls to our maintenance team:

After watching these how-to-videos you'll be knowledgeable handypersons and also know there are certain repairs to NOT attempt yourself. These are repairs with the potential to result in injury to residents or damage to the property, and may include:

  • Roof or ceiling leaks
  • Flooding, broken or burst water pipes
  • A broken toilet
  • Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity, or water supply
  • Faults or damages that make the premises unsafe or unsecure
  • Faults likely to injure a person, cause damage, and/or extreme inconvenience

If an EMERGENCY REPAIR is required, please contact your Building Manager immediately.

If your repair is not an emergency, and you are not comfortable to attempt this repair, please note all maintenance requests must be made by completing a maintenance request form which can be provided by your Building Manager or online. We aim to respond to general maintenance requests within two business days.

Please don't put yourself at risk with any maintenance repair you aren't comfortable attempting on your own. Our goal at Kelson Group is to help you live better and get through this together.

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