Kelson Group December 2021 Anniversaries

Posted On Dec 17, 2021

"The greatest asset of a company is its people."

Jorge Paulo Lemann



As we close the chapter on 2021, Kelson Group is proud to acknowledge the December anniversaries of our team members who work hard to provide apartments to help our residents live better! Our company understands that everything we do is a team effort, and when we have a cohesive team working together, it makes us all better.


We would like to acknowledge and thank our entire team for their ongoing efforts year-round and would like to highlight the following people who are celebrating work anniversaries with our company this month.


Josh Pachal   |  Maintenance Team  |  Kelowna  |  6 years

Jenalyn Soriano  |  Building Manager  |  Edmonton  |  5 years

Marjorie Overton  |  Building Manager  |  Edmonton  |  5 years

Jesse Royce  |  Building Manager  |  Kamloops  |  4 years

Bagdat Yukselir  |  Cleaning Team  |  Edmonton  |  4 years

Ken and Victoria Hatton  |  Building Managers  |  Edmonton  |  4 years

Rachel Wilkinson | Office Team  |  Kamloops  |  1 year


Kelson Group is blessed to have many long-standing team members who provide reliable and meaningful service, making a positive impact in the lives of our residents to help them live better!

With great appreciation,

Jason Fawcett, President

Kelson Group

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