Having 2020 Vision

Posted On Dec 30, 2019

I find with every new year, there's an expectation of what the upcoming year will bring. 2020 almost feels even more special when I think about it in terms of vision, clarity, and what "2020" represents. Our team continues to challenge ourselves by asking:

Where are we going and how are we going to get there?

What is the vision we have for the future of Kelson Group, and what is the legacy we want to leave?

I'm certainly pausing to contemplate this not only for my professional life but also personally.

The past few years have been years of growth for Kelson Group. New buildings, new residents, and a growing team who is helping our residents live better by providing quality apartment rentals and service. As I look to 2020 and beyond, we certainly are expecting continued growth within our company, but what excites me even more is our increasing ability to amplify our impact. How can we as a Property Management company continue to make life better for our residents and the communities in which we own and operate buildings. We want to make sure we focus on running an exceptional business, but we know that how we conduct ourselves in our operations has a ripple effect on so many, not just the company's bottom line.

As you ring in the new year, we encourage you to think of how you can positively make an impact in your world – both professionally and personally. Set a vision of what life will look like at the end of 2020 and beyond, then outline the steps you'll need to take to get you there. We'll be doing the same!

Happy New Year from our entire team at Kelson Group.

Jason Fawcett,

Vice President Operations, Kelson Group

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