A Future-Focused Green Initiative Moves Forward In Kamloops

Posted On Jan 27, 2022

Helping residents live better is the mission of Kelson Group, and a new initiative to provide cleaner energy though solar power is also helping better protect the environment. Kelson Group recently completed the installation of a network of solar panel on the rooftops of two of their apartment buildings in Kamloops, at Valleyview Manor located at 174 Oriole Road, and at Columbia Manor located at 1336 Columbia Street. Solar energy is the world’s fastest growing energy source, lowers a building’s carbon footprint, and will enhance the energy efficiency of each of the buildings. 

“Our company has been looking for ways to move toward a clean, reliable energy source and we chose to move forward with this solar power initiative, starting with retrofitting some of our existing buildings,” said Kelly Fawcett, Vice President, Kelson Group. “We connected with Okanagan Solar Ltd., experts at developing and designing solar power systems for larger residential complexes and they designed a system that would eliminate the monthly electrical bills we pay to heat and light all of the common area spaces within these two apartment buildings.”

Rob Monteith, Founder and General Manager of Okanagan Solar Ltd. was pleased to work on the project with Kelson Group.

“Through the net metering process with BC Hydro, Kelson Group will now receive a credit on their hydro account during times of excess solar production which can be used later in the year when the days are shorter and darker,” said Monteith. “Kelson Group is hoping to be ‘net zero’ one day and these two buildings will lead the way.”

Solar power works by converting light from the sun into electricity. Kamloops averages 2,080 hours of sun per year which helps in yielding year-long energy efficiency and the cost reduction of electricity.

“Our goal is to also provide cleaner, greener, and more cost-efficient energy sources for our current buildings and new developments moving forward,” said Fawcett. “Reducing our carbon footprint, while providing clean, lower-cost electricity for years to come, is a win-win.”

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