A Donation of Immense Gratitude

Posted On Jul 28, 2023

Abbotsford, B.C.: Back on February 14, 2021, a fire significantly damaged building ‘B’ of Kelson Group’s Delair Court apartment complex at 35160 Delair Road in Abbotsford. In total, 57 families were displaced, with some losing everything they had in the fire. Today, the building has been rebuilt, residents have moved back in, and the families who were impacted by the fire have been rebuilding their lives, too. Today, Kelson Group is also proud to show its appreciation to two local organizations who provided quick, helpful, and enduring support to their impacted residents.

“Looking at the rebuilt building ‘B’ at Delair Court, we’re so glad to be welcoming people back,” said Jason Fawcett, President of Kelson Group Property Management, based in Kamloops, B.C. “I remember getting the call in the middle of the night back in 2021. I packed up to drive to Abbotsford to offer help to our Building Managers and our impacted residents. It was a challenge because of the devastation of the fire, but we were also right in the midst of the pandemic which seemed to make everything that much more of a challenge. Without the leadership and excellent work of Emergency Support Services and our neighbours, The Salvation Army Cascade Community Church, it would have been even more of a challenge for people to connect to services for help in the short term. We are so grateful for these organizations who helped!”

A few years ago, Kelson Group donated to the church in appreciation for their efforts to help residents, and today are donating $5,000 to both the church and to Abbotsford Emergency Support Services.

“Our donation to the church is to help them build capacity as an organization for community outreach, which they so clearly were able to roll out effectively when we needed them,” noted Fawcett. “Additionally, we know Emergency Support Services receives some funding from governmental agencies, but we understand our donation can be used to help outfit their volunteers with jackets or vests to help easily identify them during emergencies.”

Kelson Group Property Manager Lindsay Supeene is also grateful to see building ‘B’ filled again with residents.

“We are pleased to be welcoming people back to Delair Court,” said Supeene. “To be back to full occupancy in building ‘B’ while there is a shortage of rental housing and creating a great community for our residents is heartwarming. I’m sure they’ll be pleased to see this donation go to the local organizations who supported our residents when they needed assistance.”

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