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Emergency Request or Work Order?


Our staff works hard to help residents live better and keep multiple buildings functioning. Due to COVID-19, we are currently only responding to emergency maintenance calls. Staff is starting to address non-emergency maintenance work such as repairing closet doors, windows, and painting when possible.

Emergency requests involving heating, plumbing, electrical or appliance issues will continue to be prioritized while we work through the backlog of non-emergency requests as external conditions permit. Our residents have been so gracious in this time and we very much appreciate their understanding and patience and we ask residents to continue to submit all maintenance requests into our workflow system. We continue to track maintenance requests until they can be completed in a safe manner and in accordance with Health Canada guidelines.

Can you help us better help you? We can address requests more efficiently and allow our staff to arrive better prepared when residents can provide as much detail as possible. The more information we are provided, including pictures, and the clearer residents are able to be in describing the nature of the problem, this helps our team determine whether or not we are able to address the issue and what might be required to help. Ensuring our maintenance person has everything they need and to complete the repair in one visit helps us reduce the number of overall visits.

We are also asking residents to help our staff maintain physical distancing as required by current provincial health and safety guidelines and to respect the safety of our staff by maintaining a social distance of 2 metres or 6 feet.

Things residents can do to help are:

  1. Inform our team if anyone in the residence is sick
  2. Stay in a different room during the maintenance visit
  3. Wear a mask if a safe social distance cannot be maintained


If residents are not comfortable with a maintenance person entering their home without a mask, we ask them to state this in advance, so our staff are able to arrive prepared. We have an obligation to keep everyone safe.  

Since most maintenance calls are related to plumbing issues, we wanted to share some preventative tips to keep your building's plumbing working efficiently as it should. Dispose of things like grease, cat litter, and rice in the garbage and do not dump them down the drain or flush them. Please don't flush anything aside from toilet paper and natural waste down the toilet. Things like disposable wipes, paper towel and feminine hygiene products clog plumbing systems (either in your home or in the building) and result in costly and intensive repairs.

We sincerely thank our residents for working with us to stay safe and healthy during this time. If you have questions, please contact your building manager.


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