New President at the Helm of Kelson Group 

Posted On Sep 8, 2020

For over 4 decades, Ron Fawcett has been the President of Kelson Group, a company that has grown from a handful of apartment buildings in Kamloops, to become one of the largest private owners in Western Canada in 10 cities across B.C. and Alberta. Historically, the company had purchased apartment buildings to own and operate, but in recent years, they also started developing new buildings to add to their portfolio.

The shift in their business model has meant significant change and, as the company evolves, the new President will help direct the future for Kelson Group. 

"Today, I am so pleased that Kelson Group, a family owned and operated company, is announcing that my son, Jason Fawcett, our former Vice President, Operations, will take on the role of President," said Ron. "Jason, together with his brother Kelly who is our Vice President, Maintenance and Construction, have been leading the operations of the company for years. I view this announcement as not only the reality of what our company structure has looked like for quite some time, but this change will enable Jason and Kelly to lead the evolution of Kelson Group as we grow. This is a proud day for me, not just as a business owner, but as a father too." 

Ron now becomes the Executive Director & Founder of the company, making more time for him to spend on new construction projects the company is planning to develop.

For Jason and Kelly, it is now not only a matter of growing the company but keeping up with their Dad. 

"Our father has always been a big picture thinker and a great visionary," said Jason. "He has this incredible ability to see opportunity where others may not and build upon that. He is really the biggest reason Kelson Group is here, and why it has seen continued success. I am honoured to take on this role and to help lead the exceptional work our company does. We will continue to provide an exceptional place for our staff team to build their careers as they help our residents live better." 

Echoing Jason's comments is his brother Kelly. 

"We have chatted about this change with Dad for years and he has really done an exceptional job of succession planning," said Kelly. "We are happy to know he is still a huge part of Kelson Group. Both Jason and I are looking forward to working together to ensure the legacy of the company is one of caring for community, doing all we can to provide quality housing for our residents, and looking for opportunities to grow." 

Kelson Group just finished building and leasing out a 106 suite apartment building in the Panorama District of Surrey, are working on two new builds at Thompson Rivers University – including the 42-suite Liberty Pointe apartment and a condominium, and have big plans they will be announcing soon for another development in Kamloops. 

"I know Kelly and I have always been inspired by our father and what he has accomplished," said Jason. "We look forward to continuing on that longstanding tradition of excellence modelled for us and our entire team." 

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