Ways to Make a Smaller Space Feel Festive During the Holidays

Posted On Dec 2, 2022

The holidays are coming, Kelson Group residents!

No matter the size or layout of your apartment, there are plenty of ways to make it look magical over the holidays because a smaller space doesn’t mean a loss of opportunity. In fact, a smaller space is a perfect chance to make some cozy decorations for the holidays.

In this blog feature, we share tips from a few interior designers and bloggers about their best holiday decor ideas to help make your space look fabulous and festive.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Rachel Silva, Assistant Digital Editor at ELLE DECOR, suggests going beyond the traditional table centerpieces. " As you gear up for the big day of eating and gifting (and more eating), think beyond the traditional table centerpiece by hanging ornaments and pendants from the ceiling, like this stunning setup from Justina Blakeney’s blog, The Jungalow. Not only does this combination of oranges, garland, and twinkle lights add dimension, it also comes at no cost to foot traffic space. Feast mode: on.”

Decorate Utility Areas Using Practical Items

According to DIY Mommy, Christina Dennis, festive décor doesn’t have to be over-the-top. “A few festive elements can make a huge difference in how your smaller home looks and feels,” she says, and shares how decorating utility areas such as the entryway with practical items like festive throw pillows, hanging skates or furry winter boots, can not only prove to be unique but is also cost-effective.

Downsize your Tree

Jamie Wiebe and Jessica Gregg write on Real Simple how a Christmas tree doesn’t have to be massive. “A Christmas tree doesn't have to be 9 feet tall to be considered a real Christmas tree. It can have one branch or 15 branches, it can be real or fake, or it can be fresh sprigs of greenery cut from the yard and set in a vase. All your festive plant needs is a little love with lights, garlands, or ornaments to be a good Christmas tree. To save space, set small trees on a mantle or shelf,” they suggest.

Fill up on Festive Fragrances

Interior Designer James Wheeler suggests pulling in people through the magic of fragrances, in an article in Country Living. “Select a fragrance that reminds you and your guests of the season. Candles in scents of pumpkin, spice and apple are easy to find, and I particularly love the warmness of tobacco and sandalwood,” he suggests.

Light Up Your Home

Adding lights can instantly make your house feel festive. According to writer Melissa Epifano, “If you don’t have the outdoor space for lights, simply string them up around the highest parts of your home. Indoor Christmas lights add instant holiday spirit and take up very little space. If you love simpler styles, a bright star is a glowing reminder of Christmas. Place it at the end of a hallway or even hang one over a table to make a simple statement.”

Share with us how you have decided to spruce up your spaces for this holiday season!

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