Wall Decor Ideas for Apartment Walls

Posted On May 28, 2019


Nothing completes a room more than wall decor. Thoughtfully injecting colour, personality, memorabilia, and conversation pieces onto a wall can instantly make your room feel warm, cozy, and interesting. However, living in a rental apartment can sometimes limit how far you take your design choices. So, we've compiled a list of easy, rental-friendly options to help give your walls the love they deserve.


Paintings and Other Flat Artwork

Artwork is a great way to add texture, colour and interest to your room. When choosing the piece you want to hang, focus on what moves and inspires you. It could be the artist, era, style, or pattern. Either way, select something meaningful. Great artwork doesn't have to be expensive. Lots of fantastic pieces can be found at thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales.


Family Photos and Personal Decor Pieces

Photos are the best way to make your rental apartment feel homey. Arranging images in collages with other personal pieces like initials or framed memorabilia will allow you to get creative and choose a variety of items for interest and colour. Consider taking a very special image and blowing it up to become the main focal point on a large wall.  If you like to change your photos often, consider hanging a few wires with clips for easy switches. The possibilities are endless when it comes to personal pieces.


Mirrors, Clocks, and Other Functional Items

If your rental apartment is short on space, maximize your design choices by combining function with decor. Hanging mirrors, clocks, decorative hooks, message boards, and decorative shelving can often do double duty. Just be sure to choose pieces that fit your style and colour pallet and carefully select appropriate locations for them.


Diplomas, Awards, and Other Signs of Achievement

Defining an office space with personal achievements can lead to creative displays. Diplomas and awards are special pieces that signify important milestones, yet most get stuffed in boxes collecting dust. Consider pulling them out and mixing them with your children's artwork or personal items connecting to the same time frame.


Tapestries and Other Textile Art

Hanging tapestries and other textiles are a great way to soften a room, add interest while also bringing in texture and colour. The other bonus of using textiles is they are often large, so if you have a large bare wall begging for something unique, consider finding a tapestry or an art-worthy textile to hang. Lightweight and versatile, they can easily be hung with a few small nails or with dowels and string.


Curios and Other Display Cases

Curio cabinets or display cases are a great way to show off  special collections or important memorabilia. Often crafted with glass and sometimes display lights, the cabinet itself can be as decorative as the items you choose to put in. Select pieces you enjoy looking at but be careful not to let your display cases get too cluttered.


Sculptures and Other 3-D Artwork

Adding dimension to a wall with a sculpture or shadow box is another fun way to bring interest to a wall and can be ideal for filling awkward spaces. When done thoughtfully, mixing the depths of your artwork can make a room feel sophisticated and elegant.


At Kelson Group, we believe your rental apartment should always feel like home to you. We hope this list has inspired you to bring some interest to your space with the right design ideas for your walls.


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