8 Ways to Maximize the Space in your Apartment Rental

Posted On Jun 10, 2019

Living in smaller spaces can be a great thing, but gaining the right amount of privacy, storage space, and balanced decor can sometimes present a challenge. Keeping things organized and still looking great doesn't have to be hard. Be encouraged! Challenges that come with living in a small space can be solved with a few stylish tips, tricks, and creative ingenuity. With the right touch your smaller apartment rental can become a calm and stylish haven to relax and enjoy.


  1. Decorative Clutter

Clutter doesn't always have to look messy. Purging is the best way to get rid of excess stuff, but there will always be a few stragglers that are just too hard to part with. Here are a few ways you can make your clutter look organized and appealing.

  • Organize your books by size and colour.
  • Purchase a few storage baskets and thoughtfully place them in those main areas where things often get dumped and forgotten.
  • Closed boxes are also a great investment to hide stashes of papers, or as a quick tidy solution before company arrives.
  • Take your collectibles and arrange them into displays of art.


  1. Maximize Light

Dark spaces can often feel tighter and smaller than they should be. To make your space feel open and airy use light colours as much as possible. Whites, creams, and lighter greys with the occasional pop of colour or wood can make a space feel calm, warm, and spacious.


  1. Think Up, Not Out

Using storage solutions like tall bookcases and wall hung shelves will not only help to draw your eye up, making the room look bigger, but it will also allow you to maximize your storage space. In your kitchen, consider using the ceiling to hang a potholder to hang your cookware. Arranged with some creativity, your pots and pans can add a decorative touch while keeping things efficient.


  1. Utilize Mirrors

Well placed mirrors can be your best friend when it comes to opening up a small space and creating the illusion of more square footage. They can make your space feel less claustrophobic, and if placed directly across from a window, cast a beautiful reflection depending on your view.


Large oversized mirrors also serve to keep decorating less cluttered. Some can take up an entire wall, which will streamline your decor and keep things looking simple yet stylish.



  1. Open Closets

This suggestion is for the brave at heart! Opting to keep your clothes in plain sight rather than tucked behind closed doors may surprise you at how open and airy it can make things feel. If you have a good system and can organize your clothes by grouping them together in size and colour, you will create a sense of order. Consider purchasing matching hangers to keep everything looking cohesive.


Without a place to hide unwanted clutter behind closed doors, an open closet can keep your room looking tidier and help you purge clothing that is no longer worn.



  1. Open Shelving

Open shelving can be a great way to get creative with the items you use every day. And just like an open closet, it can force you to stay neat by not allowing them to get overcrowded. Keep yourself disciplined and don't let your shelving become a catchall for things without a home. Add a few decorative boxes with lids, bowls, and vases that can hide stray odds and sods.



  1. Make Use of Partitions

Partitions are the holy grail of small living thanks to their ability to create new rooms out of thin air. And they can take on all sorts of forms in an endless variety of materials depending on your style sensibilities. They can also be a great way to create privacy in front of a window while still letting in some natural light.



  1. Use Your Bed

Creating storage solutions around your bed can be a very clever way to keep things neat and tidy. Use storage boxes that go underneath for out of season clothes or consider buying a headboard that does double duty as a bookshelf. Placing a storage ottoman, bench, or small low dresser at the end of your bed can also make your bed a perfect place to organize items.


At Kelson Group we believe you should enjoy your space no matter how big it is. If your apartment rental is smaller than you're used to, consider implementing one, two, or all eight of these solutions into your space. We hope it will help you enjoy your home in a new and fresh way, helping you live better!

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