Valentine’s Do’s

Posted On Feb 4, 2019

Valentine's is only 10 days away, and although many look at the holiday as highly commercialized, why not take a moment to treat your loved one to something special! Here are five ideas to help make Valentine's better!


Make a Homemade Valentine Card

Cards from the store are nice but we recommend taking the time to make your own card. Get out the scissors, red construction paper, white paper doilies, glue and get started. Your own verse would add just the right touch. Take the time to do something out of the ordinary.


A Home-cooked Meal

Doing something out of the routine is a great way to show you care. Breakfast in bed or cooking dinner for two is a special way to let someone know you were willing to go the extra mile. Maybe avoid experimenting with a complicated recipe you've never tried before. Stick with a meal you know they enjoy.


Remember Romance

Valentine's Day for your partner is all about romance. That means taking the time to do the little extras like dressing up for dinner out or leaving a few little love notes around.


Turn off the Electronics

While we live in a fast-paced time with cell phones or personal digital assistants running our lives, Valentine's Day is not a time for interruptions. Turn off the phone, the tablet or the laptop and focus your attention on your significant other. 


Consider Spreading Gifts Throughout the Day

Rather than one big gift, try giving several smaller gifts during the day. Maybe a gift at breakfast, leave one on the front seat of the car, and one at work. Going the extra mile to remember your sweetie during the day can often be more special than one big gift.


A little forethought and planning will go a long way toward making Valentine's Day a positive and fun experience for your significant other.  Take the time, make it a priority, and do something out of the ordinary.  You will create a fun memory.


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