Tips to Make Your Ground-Level Apartment Safe + Secure

Posted On Sep 8, 2022

Even though every apartment community is different, there are many commonalities, especially when it comes to safety and security. Kelson Group launched a Safe + Secure Series to highlight possible gaps in security and to help potential apartment residents learn more about what to do when going on an apartment tour to find their new home.

Kelly Fawcett, vice president of Kelson Group noted that the series not only has tips for those looking to live in one of their properties, but also for any apartment building in any community. “Even if you are not a Kelson Group resident, these tips will likely be applicable and helpful to you.”

In this edition, we are talking about ground-level apartments. These apartments have their own appeal for many people, be it the ease and access to the outside, or the comfort of being closer to the ground for some.

Lindsay Supeene, property manager with Kelson Group, understands the many considerations and benefits of living in a ground-level apartment.

Some of the benefits of a ground-level apartment are:

  • These apartments typically stay cooler in the summer.
  • Ground-level apartments are sometimes easier to access. Without stairs or elevators to navigate, unloading groceries or meeting a parcel delivery at the door is a quick task. 
  • Some ground-level apartments have walkout patios or areas larger than a typical balcony which makes a great space for small flower gardens, hanging baskets, and a bit more room for seating.

“We have many residents from students to seniors who absolutely love their ground-level apartment,” said Supeene. “Making these suites safer for residents is both the responsibility of the landlord and the resident.”

To help residents, and future residents, feel more secure in their decision to opt for a ground-level apartment, Supeene shares tips on how to make living in these suites a safer with just a few simple and thoughtful ideas.

  1. Keep windows and the patio door locked.
  2. Keep blinds closed when you are away.
  3. Keep a lamp or small light on, so it appears that someone is home.
  4. If you are going away, have someone check in on your suite. Ensure blinds are closed, windows are secured, and a light is on to make it appear like someone is home.
  5. NEVER leave a spare key under a rock or anywhere outside the apartment; instead, give a key to someone you trust so they can access your apartment in case of an emergency.

Supeene also shares a few expectations residents may have for an apartment manager to make them feel more secure.

“Exterior building cleanliness, landscaping that doesn’t provide places to hide, and good window and door security are very important,” noted Supeene. “Residents should be aware of these things when choosing a ground-level apartment and learn all they can about what the landlord has done to make these suites a safe and secure choice.”

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