3 Simple Ways to Celebrate National Indoor Plant Week

Posted On Sep 1, 2022

Indoor plants do so much for us. They improve our air quality, help reduce noise pollution, and they give our homes an instant ‘pop’ of life to make our spaces more liveable. So, let’s celebrate and enjoy more indoor plants!

This year’s National Indoor Plant Week (yes, it’s a thing) is September 19 to 25. If you follow our blog, you know we appreciate the beauty of nature, and indoor plants help us bring the beauty of the outdoors, indoors. So, why not make plans to celebrate Indoor Plant Week by doing these three simple things:

  1. Shower Love on Your Indoor Plants

As the weather cools, it is the perfect time to shower some extra love on your indoor plants. You might have just a couple, or shelves full, of indoor plants. Now is the time to feed them indoor plant food/fertilizer, clean the leaves of dust, add fresh soil, cut off any dead leaves or stems, and generally freshen up your plants. Fall is perfect for doing this revitalization work, before the cold sets in.

  1. Bring Home Some New Green Buds

Plant parents know there is no such thing as too many indoor plants; do you really need a place to sit? Now is the time to purchase some new indoor plants for your home from your local, neighbourhood nursery and bring them home while the weather is still warm enough. It is a great opportunity to buy local and add new varieties to your collection.

  1. Host a Green Party

If you are looking for a fun party idea with other plant fans, National Indoor Plant Week is a great week to host a plant party. Make it a ‘Bring Your Own Plant’ party, and swap plant cuttings of your favourite plants with friends. Some of the best plants that grow from cuttings are jade, coleus, Christmas cactus, and pothos.

If you need more ideas on how to celebrate the week, visit the National Indoor Plant Week website.


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