The Importance of Assembly Areas

Posted On Aug 26, 2021

At Kelson Group, we are dedicated to providing well-functioning and comfortable spaces to help you live better. Helping you to live better includes ensuring you, your family and your guests' safety while within one of our buildings.
Each one of our buildings is equipped with emergency lighting, evacuation route signage and a clearly marked outdoor assembly area. Your Building Manager routinely tests lighting and monitors the status of emergency signage throughout the building. They also have an evacuation task kit that includes a listing of all registered tenants and those requiring special assistance that can be given to emergency personnel in the event of an evacuation or incident.
In the event of an emergency, are you familiar with your evacuation route and the location of your building's marked assembly station? Here are some tips on how you can best prepare for an emergency:

  1. Review the Tenant Manual provided to you upon gaining building occupancy. Within this manual, you will find details on the suggested evacuation route to take from your residence and the location of the building assembly area.

  2. We suggest physically walking your evacuation route once every month. This will help to reduce panic and make the route become second nature should an actual emergency occur.
  3. Help in ensuring our hallways are clutter-free and signage remains in good working order by mentioning any encumbrance found to your Building Manager.
  4. Advise your Building Manager on any vulnerabilities that may hinder you from escaping safely or require the assistance of others to help you evacuate in a timely order (ie hearing or visual impairments, mobility issues)
  5. Should an incident occur and you need to evacuate your building, it is important that once outside you find your way to your building's Assembly Area. These areas are typically within a large open space on the edge of a property to allow all building tenants and guests to safely gather together without hindering the accessibility of responding emergency crews to the building. Here the Building Manager will be monitoring tenant numbers to determine who has checked-in and who may still be inside the building requiring additional assistance by emergency professionals.
    Being prepared can dramatically affect emergency outcomes. Should you have any questions or require further clarification on your evacuation route or location of your building's Assembly Area, please contact your Building Manager directly. Your safety is of utmost importance to us.

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