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Posted On Jul 27, 2021
Over the past year, we have all really made use of our home environments. After spending an increased amount of time within our personal space, there is an excitement to reconnect with others and with nature. Is there a way to bring back that positive, energetic feeling and humbled balance to our homes? We spoke with renowned feng shui expert, Rodika Tchi, on the philosophy of feng shui and how it can be used to establish harmony between an individual and their environment.
"Feng shui can benefit you in many ways" says Rodika. "Depending on your goals, the practice can assist in creating harmony within your home, improving your business, or even attracting a life partner".
Feng shui is the ancient art of positioning or designing your surroundings in harmony with principles of natural energy flow. "Feng" means wind and "shui" means water. In Chinese culture, both natural elements are associated with good health and fortune. There are different schools of feng shui, however, all are guided by the principles of spatial arrangement when it comes to building design, furniture/possession placement, and more.
One of the main tools utilized when applying feng shui principle's is bagua. Bagua means "eight areas" and refers to an energy map where each is connected to differing aspects of life through a communal center focused on health. Each area is represented by a differing colour and is strengthened using particular elements (wood, earth, water, fire, metal), shapes and even numbers. We have all experienced that feeling of walking into a space, whether indoors or out, that instantly brought us comfort and peace. Most likely, the bagua principles had been utilized properly and were activating the energy within the space.
So where do you start when looking to introduce feng shui into your living spaces? Rodika suggests starting in one room or space (possibly your bedroom or living room space) and then building from there.
This is an important room in your home. It is where you go to rest, it is where you need to wake up feeling refreshed. When setting the furniture within your bedroom, focus on the placement of your bed first and foremost. Ensure it is in a commanding position (ie not in direct line with your doorway, if possible, on a diagonal line to it while still enabling a clear line of sight). Invest in a headboard. Headboards are said to "connect the partners". Not having one can enhance a temporary feel of the space. If able, place a bedside table on either side of the bed to balance out the room. Look beneath your bed. Do you have items stored or collecting there? These items can affect the energy of your room. Try to only store soft, bed-related items such as sheets and blankets below and find new homes for your other items. Another key detail in maintaining the tranquility of the room is having cupboard doors and drawers shut when not in use. The addition of earth colours within the bedroom can bring positive energy and soothing nature into the space.
This is a gathering and relaxation space within your home. Ensure you have comfortable seating within the space and enough of it to allow each member of the home to have a seat. If you have the space, seating for an additional guest or two would be beneficial. To encourage connection between others in the room situate your seating so that chairs and sofas are facing one another to allow for easy conversations. If possible, avoid facing chair backs towards doorways or utilizing high-back chairs that can cut off the space. If you are unable to place furniture such as a large sofa against a wall then help to soften the space by adding support furniture such as a same height table or cabinet behind it. Adding wood elements or live green plants to the space can assist in enhancing life force energy and the promotion of kindness and compassion.
This is a place for nourishment and connection. An easy way to improve the feng shui of your kitchen is to declutter and tidy the area. Go through cupboards, drawers and even your fridge to determine what items you truly require and those that may be expired. Clean out each area, wipe it down and create a clean space where you can nourish yourself with fresh and healthy food options. Remove items from counters to promote an expansive feeling of space and give yourself ample room to utilize the space for food prep. Many kitchen cabinets have a void between their tops and the ceiling above that can capture odds and ends and create a source of bad energy. Remove items from this area and replace with live plants or even a small collection of  beloved items to help keep bad vibes away.
The impacts of applying feng shui principles to a space can be felt instantaneously. Working alongside a feng shui expert can dramatically take a space from awkward to inspiring. Consultations are typically conducted in-person while touring a home and reviewing occupant goals. Rodika does provide long-distance services via digital meeting software for those residing outside of her service area and is happy to guide you along the hands-on process of applying feng shui solutions to your space.
"In working with pure energy (Chi), if your intent is strong and clear, and you have the right guidance – the desired change is already happening" say Rodika.
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