New Year Order: Organizing for Success in 2020

Posted On Jan 13, 2020

The new year often marks the start of resolutions, changes, or goals. While any time is a good time to set out to accomplish a personal goal, it sometimes helps to have a defined start date. No matter what kind of goal it is, change often requires planning and organizing to ensure success.

There is a popular adage often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the father of time management, "failing to plan is planning to fail." We've put together a list of five ideas to help you get organized and ready to successfully take on 2020—whatever your goal.

  1. Take small steps. It might take you longer to reach your goal, but the chances of success are higher if you don't start off at an unsustainable pace. Running out of steam before reaching a goal causes frustration and can result in burning out and giving up. For example, instead of trying to organize your entire home, focus on a closet or a few cupboards. 
  2. Find a home for things in your home. Instead of using your time and energy to constantly shuffle things out of the way, take the time to either find a home for items or ditch them. Once items have a home, resist bringing anything new into your space unless it has a designated place and be diligent in putting items away when not in use. 
  3. Take advantage of tools. There are several home organization software tools out there to help manage lists, tasks, maintenance, scheduling, and budgeting. If you prefer to track things digitally, take the time to find a software that suits. Or bring it back to basics with a pen and notebook—the most important thing is finding something you like using.
  4. Create a calendar. A calendar is another indispensable tool for keeping all things organized. If possible, a central 'master calendar' that covers all members of the household and tasks will help everyone stay on the same page. It will take a bit of work to set up, but it's worth the time!
  5. Be consistent. Make a commitment to yourself to be diligent in setting some new habits for the new year. Set aside a block of time every week to check in on your goals and with yourself. It's important to also pause and reflect on the benefits of your efforts!

Whatever approach you take, remember success is often realized over time. Even if your efforts are imperfect at first, be kind to yourself and have gratitude for successes realized—however small. We hope these articles we publish twice a month help you live better!

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