National Pet Fire Safety Day

Posted On Jul 13, 2020

At Kelson Group, our mission is to help our residents live better. Part of that is also thinking about the pets in our pet-friendly buildings. We're not sure if you knew or not, but this Wednesday is National Pet Fire Safety Day and just like fire drills, pets need consideration when preparing for unexpected fire emergencies.

We know your pet is as much a part of our family as any other member. This special awareness day stresses the importance of protecting them and taking preventable measures now could save your home and your pet. In fact, many times pets can be the ones who start fires by knocking into something like a candle or an ironing board with iron. Here are some tips to help you and your pets stay safe.


  1. Extinguish open flames. Pets are curious and certainly not cautious. Wagging tails haphazardly knock over candles and curious kitties may paw at sizzling grease causing a fire.
  2. Consider flameless candles for not only for ambiance but for backup lighting in the event of a power outage.
  3. Replace glass water bowls with metal or plastic ones. Outside on wooden decks, glass bowls can potentially heat up or direct the sun's rays to start a fire.
  4. Secure young pets when away from home. This can help avoid accidental fire hazards. Keep pets in a kennels or in a pet-proof room as an option.
  5. Install fire alert window clings to help firefighters identifying the room your pets are located and the number of pets in your home. Add one to the window or door of the room you keep your pets when you are away. Keep it updated with the number of pets who reside with you and your current phone number.
  6. Have a plan when you are home knowing which family members will be responsible for each pet.

Put these tips into practice and consider a pet and people fire drill so you're always ready.


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