How To Live, and Clean, Better!

Posted On Sep 4, 2020


Apartment living can sometimes mean getting creative about how to accomplish common cleaning tasks like washing your car, patio furniture, or even bicycle! We've put together some ideas to kick start your cleaning goals.


Paul Tarko, Kelson Group building manager in Edmonton, said the most important thing is to be mindful of your neighbours.


"Washing your patio means water drips down on the patio below. It's unavoidable. We ask residents to try and let their neighbours know so they're not caught off guard."


At the building he manages, Tarko provides a small pressure washer to residents for washing their patios. But if you don't have one of those, a mop and bucket work just as well.


A sponge mop that rinses into the bucket produces the least amount of extra water and the bucket can be filled with hot water for rinsing after washing. There are many cleaners, but a simple vinegar and water solution is highly effective to take on grime or dust build up on patios and patio furniture.


After crushing your patio scrubbing, your mind might turn to other outdoor cleaning tasks, like washing your vehicle. There might not be access to a hose, water, or enough space—especially if you have underground parking. Did you know you can shine up your ride without water? There are several products to meet this exact need including cleaning wipes, polishing rags, and tire-cleaning cloths. Most can be found anywhere you would normally find automotive cleaning products. All you need for an at-home waterless car wash is a little elbow grease!


With the inside of the vehicle sparkling clean, you'll probably want to tidy up the interior. Use a cleaner of your choice as there are many automotive-specific and generic cleaning products to do the trick. A cordless handheld vacuum will make quick work of nooks and crannies—and some cordless vacuums are great to take camping or to clean your apartment too!


If your ride isn't a vehicle but a bicycle, there's also a few ways to spiff up that set of wheels without access to water and space. If you happen to live in Edmonton with Tarko as your building manager, then you'll have access to a hose outside for washing your bike on the lawn. If not, you can use some of the same tricks as we've suggested for vehicles or try giving your bike a bath on your patio with a bucket of warm soapy water.


Using a degreasing agent and a chain brush will help clean off any gunk set into grooves and hard to reach areas. Once you've soaped up, grab a fresh bucket of warm water, rinse and repeat until all of the soap is gone. Be sure to dry rust-prone areas to prevent corrosion.


We hope you are inspired to try some of these ideas! Have a great tip for outdoor cleaning? Share it with us!


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