Festive, Fun & Fabulous Holiday Décor Tips

Posted On Dec 9, 2019


Winter is the time of year where we are most likely to think about seasonal decorating and hosting guests. We wanted to bring you some easy and budget-friendly tips and tricks from professionals so you can stress less, focus more on spending your time enjoying the season, and live better!


Sandra Pokorny, owner and principal designer of The Edit Interior Design based in Kamloops and Revelstoke, B.C., shared her top ten tips for holiday décor.


"These are things we find trendy and classic," said Pokorny. "It's easier to build on what you might already have for Christmas decorations by adding a little bit to your collection each year without changing the overall scheme."


Wrap it Up:

"I like to have people put a little bit more effort into gift wrap," said Pokorny. "It's something you can get kids involved with too." Pokorny suggests using reusable and sustainable materials like locally made wrapping paper, twine, reusable greens, and gift tags that double as ornaments.


Embrace Colour:

"If you want to add colour aside from traditional green, red and white, we like pink and blue on a white background," said Pokorny. "Lots of newer homes have the white on white interior design so using lots of colourful Christmas decorations works particularly well in those homes."


Tip: If you're going with bright colours, go bigger with the decorations and ornaments to get real pops of bright colour.


All That Sparkles:

If you have traditional green boughs but want to update your décor for something trendier, Pokorny's top tip is to add some crystal swag. "Crystals can be used for any kind of bough or greenery on a tablescape. Add even more shine to your table with clear accents and candles."


Sitting Pretty:

Spending a bit of time to dress up your table will go a long way with guests. Even if you don't decorate the rest of your house, a curated tablescape instantly creates a festive vibe. "Whether you're hosting long-time friends and family or new guests, it's nice to do a bit extra over the holidays."


Tip: Use linen napkins—they're easy to wash, are inexpensive, and can often be found locally. "Tie them in a roll around cutlery with some twine and a sprig of greenery. Add a cinnamon stick that can be used later with a dessert eggnog or other festive drink."


Less is more:

Go for a minimalist style and bring it back to basics with a few natural elements. If you're going to use ornaments, keep it in one style and colour family. Aim for neutral colours like white, beige or navy and add texture by choosing natural materials.


Slow and Steady Style:

Whether you're going for farmhouse, rustic or even traditional go for a mix of new and old.  "Don't go out and buy everything from a matched set in one year. You'll be happy with it for that year, but anything trendy will lose it's appeal after a year or two," said Pokorny. She suggests going with a more vintage look makes it easier to add variety. "There are a lot of great antique stores – you can't recreate the vibe through store bought and it will be uniquely yours."


Tip: Less is more when it comes to signs with phrases. Rule of thumb – one sign per room.


Treat Yo' self:

If you're refreshing your décor or looking to add something new, the holidays can be a perfect time to treat yourself to that piece of furniture you've been eyeing. "Most people don't have the money to completely overhaul their décor, but if you have an overall design plan, the holidays are a perfect time to add a new piece that will last and that you really want."


Stick to It:

If you're renting, 3M Command Strips will be your best friend. "These are life-changing for renters who want to decorate but can't affix anything to a wall. Use them to hold garland or lights—they come in all sorts of styles and sizes," said Pokorny.


First Impressions:

Putting out a mat in front of your door and a wreath (if your rental allows it) is an easy way to create a festive welcoming for guests. 


Eat, Drink and Rent:

If you're renting, you might not have space for a big tree, look for a smaller tree or one that's tall and narrow. Pokorny suggests thinking outside of the traditional ways of decorating for the holidays and finding a few festive pieces that fit your space and don't require storage.


Tip: Rent candle holders, linens and even trees from event rental stores. This way you can host visitors without having to purchase and store everything.


Have a beautiful holiday season!!


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