5 Easy Activities to Beat Boredom During Spring Break

Posted On Mar 4, 2019

We all want to live better, and making Spring Break a priority is one way to do that. We've found some lower cost, kid-friendly activities you can enjoy right in your own hometown and backyard.


Blow Bubbles

The sunshine is back so break out the bubbles. Those magical spheres can entertain children for hours. Make your own bubbles recipes at home and throw a bubble party to get the most out of your bubble-blowing fun during spring break.


Enjoy Nature Activities

Enjoy some of the new life nature is sharing with us at this time of year (well, almost, depending on where you live). There are so many nature activities for kids to engage in!  Turn off their electronic gadgets and turn them on to the great outdoors – try a city-wide scavenger hunt, nature hike, or spend time outside looking at the changes of seasons.


Read Outdoors

Grab the books and head outside. Plan an afternoon reading picnic during spring break. Spread a blanket on the grass, take a few books outdoors, and bring the pages to life to turn your kids into book lovers. If it's still too cold where you live, head out to the local library for a change of scenery for an afternoon of book reading.


Take a Day Trip

Make a list of each attraction you would like to visit in your own hometown, or a nearby city. Write each idea on a piece of paper, throw the papers in a hat, and draw one.  Jump in the car or take the bus for a quick day trip to the selected attraction. 


Host a Family Movie Night

After a busy day of play, end your evening with a family movie night. But this isn't any ordinary family movie night. Tonight, you're turning your house into a movie theater, complete with a concession stand, homemade movie tickets, and movie reviews after the show is over. 


Spring Break in your own place and in your own hometown can be fun for the entire family if you put a little thought and proactive planning into it. You'll have memories for years!


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