Avoiding Furniture Tip-Overs

Posted On Sep 30, 2021

Every 17 minutes a furniture tip over injury is recorded. 70% of reported incidents in Canada involve children between the ages of 1 to 3 years old. Though the scope of incidents is vast, they share in one commonality - they were preventable. We invite you to pause and reflect for a second. Take a mental tour through your home. Did you use a drywall anchor when hanging that gorgeous painting above your couch? Are you overloading your shelving units? Did you use an L-bracket to affix the tall-boy dresser to the nearby wall in your child's bedroom?

We drew some key information and tips on how to keep you, your family and guests safe from furniture tip-overs and fall-downs from our friends over at

General Tips in Preventing Furniture Tip-Overs:

  • Follow the guidelines – when you purchase a new piece of furniture or décor, be sure to read the manufacturer safety guidelines and adhere to both them and the piece's intended use. If you are assembling an item, do not attempt to complete if you do not have the instructions or do not fully understand what they are stating – ask for help.
  • Know what's on the other side – if you plan on placing anything more than a traditional thumbtack into your wall, it is a good idea to chat with your building manager or building manager or maintenance person. These individuals will be able to assist in alerting you to where any wiring or plumbing may be within your walls and where to avoid placing furniture bracketing.
  • Get to know your fixtures – many items come with bracketing options that will allow you to safely affix them to nearby walls. If your item does not come with one, take an image of it and bring it to your local hardware store for assistance in finding a suitable solution.
  • Understand that it is more than a balancing act – be sure to place heavier items on the bottom portions of cupboards, shelving and desk units and lighter items up top. If you have children, place attractive items out of sight to help subside the enticement to climb. To avoid changing the weight distribution on an item, open one drawer at a time, close, then open the next.
  • Alert yourself to recalls – keep apprised of Government of Canada item recall and safety alerts through this website

Help eliminate preventable injuries in following the guidelines above. Should you not feel comfortable in mounting/affixing items yourself, consult with your building manager on who they would recommend hiring in your local area to help you properly get the job done.


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