Engaging Activities in Your Community to Enjoy This Fall

Posted On Nov 12, 2019

Finding time to search for activities can be the last thing you feel like doing when you've finally landed some down time—this is especially true if you are entertaining out-of-town guests or visitors. At Kelson Group, we work to provide apartments to help you live better, and to help make your life easier we have come up with some activity ideas for you!

Make the most of your down time or your visit with family by getting familiar with some of the activities in your area. If you're entertaining guests, having something in mind for the group to do to can keep the visit from becoming tiring after the buzz and excitement of the first day has passed. Bonus: activities can get everyone who needs a bit of diversion out of the house and create space for those who may need a little quiet time to recharge (including you!).

The following list of 20 activities includes child and budget-friendly ideas. Of course, there are more expensive options, but if your guests have already taken on the expense of travelling to visit, something less cash-intensive might be appreciated. If you do decide to suggest something a bit more costly, try to include a less-expensive alternative so there's less pressure on those who might want to opt out.

We hope you'll spot a few new ideas on this list to try out next time you want to get out of the house, either with guests, or just because!

  1. Go to the dog park with your dog-friendly guests.
  2. Take the kids to a park or playground.
  3. Go for a walk around the neighbourhood or go and explore a new neighbourhood.
  4. Catch a newly released movie.
  5. Hit the mall for some shopping.
  6. Visit your local museum.
  7. Check out the current exhibit at the art gallery.
  8. Take in a play.
  9. Visit a local winery or brewery for a tasting and/or tour.
  10. Set up a volunteer shift at a local not-for-profit.
  11. Visit the local animal shelter.
  12. Go to the bookstore for coffee and browsing.
  13. Go bowling.
  14. Take everyone to the skating rink.
  15. Splash around at the pool.
  16. Spend some quiet time in at the library.
  17. Find a free community event to take in.
  18. Tour a community garden.
  19. Take to the trails for hiking, biking or snowshoeing!
  20. Hop on the bus and experience your community in a different way.

Enjoy the change of season and a change of pace by exploring your community and doing things you may have never done before!

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