10 Spring Speed Cleaning Tips to Save Time

Posted On Mar 25, 2020


Spring is practically here. Sure, a clean house is nice, but so is fresh air and sunshine after being inside all winter.

Good news! We spent some time scouring (get it?) the internet to find the top 10 tips for how to clean house in the least amount of time—maximizing the time you get to play outside.

Turns out the art to cleaning quickly and effectively is to keep it simple and keep a routine. This is our list of favourite suggestions for reducing cleaning time.

  1. Multitask - Clean while you're completing other daily tasks. For example: wipe down kitchen surfaces or empty the dishwasher while you're waiting for your morning coffee or grab a cloth and spray and wipe the counters and/or mirrors while brushing your teeth. This will save you from extended deep cleaning sessions.
  2. Put items away when you're done with them. Taking a few seconds to put things back where they belong will keep areas clear of clutter and keeps you from having to look for them!
  3. Make the bed. Even if there's a mess, the room will instantly look cleaner.
  4. Power shower. Keep daily cleaner and a cloth in the shower to wipe down the surround while you're in there. This will only add a few minutes to your daily routine while keeping your shower squeaky clean!
  5. Fluff pillows and straighten any throw blankets. Same idea as making your bed. A little organization goes a long way to a clean appearance…in other words…fake (or fluff) it until you make it.
  6. Quickly pick up any clothes, toys, or dishes that are lying around – walk around with a laundry basket to collect the scatter and then return items to where they belong.
  7. Keep your cleaning supplies in a caddy or container so you can grab them and clean anytime. What to include? Something for dusting, microfiber cloths, all-purpose cleaner, cleaning wipes, and window/mirror cleaner.
  8. Set a timer and stick to it. If you only have 15 or 30 minutes, then set a timer and then go for it. We are programmed to work to deadlines so use it to your advantage!
  9. Start at the top. Let gravity do the work. Dirt will fall to the floor so start with the higher surfaces and work your way down to the floors and save sweeping/mopping and vacuuming until the end.
  10. Pick one. Check off one larger job every day (ideally while you're doing something else). This will avoid dedicating time to a single task. Example: sweep & mop the floors while dinner's simmering on the stove.


The most important thing is to start small and build your routine in a repeatable and manageable way—and what better motivation than having more time outside to play?

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