Trish Becher Interior Design: Foothills Crossing

Posted On Oct 18, 2023

Kelson Group’s latest development, Foothills Crossing, will soon welcome residents in the beautiful City of Prince George, where the company’s journey began over 45 years ago. We spoke with Trish Becher, Kelson Group’s interior design director and lead, to learn more about her inspiration and vision for this new project.

Deeply influenced by the city’s landscape and the community’s strong connection to nature, this new development is nestled against the greenspace of the foothills that border Prince George, offering residents a unique living experience that blends the vibrant city life with the tranquility of the wilderness in a peaceful setting.

As Becher explained, Foothills Crossings consists of three buildings, with Building A set to welcome residents in 2024. Building B is scheduled to follow about 6 months behind, opening by the fall of that same year.

This development seamlessly connects with other Kelson Group’s existing buildings, creating a diverse community that combines different demographics.

“At Kelson Group we are very thoughtful and intentional with our design to build a sense of community in every single building,” said Becher. “Foothills Crossing is designed to ensure that these properties flow into each other, promoting a sense of unity and ultimately creating a community within a community. Instead of separating brand-new developments from older developments, the concept of blending them and having them side by side creates that diversity.”

Additionally, by keeping and maintaining older buildings, Kelson Group is able to offer a variety of rental homes in a wider price range, ensuring that there is sufficient affordable housing that fits everyone’s needs.

“Some of our older, more affordable buildings do not have elevators. Often, tenants with mobility needs will opt for a ground-level rental home to satisfy their needs,” said Becher, explaining that newer buildings are equipped with elevators, broadening the rental home selection for those with mobility needs.

Besides its stunning location, Becher also shared that Foothills Crossing will offer a range of amenities to enhance the quality of life for its residents, including underground parkades with EV plug-ins, as well as fitness and amenity rooms.

“Fitness rooms are incorporated for residents to maintain an active lifestyle, while each new building will also feature an amenity room that will allow residents to host larger gatherings and foster a sense of connection and well-being. We think about all of those aspects to create apartments that truly help people live better.”

Becher further mentioned that floorplans at Foothills Crossing will offer a variety of sizes to suit different lifestyles, ranging from cozy studio units to larger one and two-bedroom apartments suitable for young families. While the flooring will be consistent throughout all buildings, creating a welcoming atmosphere full of warm and casual tones that reflect the wood features on the exterior, the cabinetry will add a touch of character to each unit.

As the newest addition to the Kelson Group family, Foothills Crossing not only offers modern and spacious housing that caters to residents’ evolving needs but also creates a strong sense of community within. This development stands as a testament to our commitment to building apartments that help residents live better.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, news, and a glimpse into life at Foothills Crossing.

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