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Manon Goller, Kelson Group

Long-time building manager says empathy, listening skills are keys to success

When the family of a resident at Buckland Manor in Kelowna knew it was time to move their ill mother out of her apartment and into long-term care, Kelson Group building manager Manon Goller was there to help in the most thoughtful of ways.


Manon, who likes people to call her by her first name, knew her resident had been struggling so to help with the transition of moving and re-renting the suite, she took the extra effort to have as little disruption with the change as possible. Her considerate approach ensured a smooth experience, which prompted the family to send a special testimonial to the Kelson Group Head office acknowledging her sensitivity and genuine best interest in the situation.


"Thank you for being such a fantastic landlord and employing such wonderful people," it stated.


The sentiment is humbling to Manon, but her choices were not anything she would classify as remarkable.


"I work with the understanding that I treat people the way I would want to be treated, or I would want my mother to be treated," says the manager of Buckland Manor, Fraser Manor and Pandosy Square Apartments in Kelowna.


Manon is a 30-year veteran in the building management sector and found her way into the career at a young age.


Originally, she worked helping her mother her, who cleaned and managed a building where she spent some of her years growing up. Later, when she moved out on her own, she lived in a building that was looking for a relief building manager, and decided to apply for the job. That turned into full-time work, which took her to Kelowna where she currently manages the three Kelson Group-owned properties.


"On any given day, I could be cleaning the yards, the common areas, catching up on work orders or following up with residents."


And there are the upside-down days when there may be a problem with a resident, a suite or a building, and then that becomes the priority. Through it all Manon says she sees herself as a problem-solver who uses listening skills to manage most challenges.


"I like working with people, and am good with people, one on one. When you have a good relationship with the residents they are more willing to adjust to changes when the time arises. It just comes back to that idea of 'how would I want to be treated'.

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