The Certified Rental Building (CRB) Program

Posted On Jul 31, 2019


Setting the Standard for Quality in British Columbia


We believe anyone who rents should be able to rent with confidence, knowing that the building they live in meets certain criteria for quality.  As the desire for long-term rentals increase, property owners are shifting their focus and recognizing the importance of maintaining a higher standard for building maintenance and quality assurance for their tenants.


The Certified Rental Building (CRB) Program was created and built by leading experts in the Canadian residential rental industry as a way to provide a comprehensive, detailed master set of best practices a property management company can use to examine and improve its overall methods of operation.


Owners and property managers can use the CRB program as a multi-faceted tool to accomplish their desired mission of being certified as one of the best in their industry, thus allowing renters to easily identify quality properties.


How Does CRB Work?

The actual process is well laid out and clear. Upon joining the CRB program, LandlordBC supplies its members with a 50 Standards of Practice plan which is divided into five categories: Human Resource Management, Resident Management, Operational Management, Financial and Risk Management, and Environmental Management. At their own pace, they review each CRB Standard and compare it to their current policies and procedures, noting any discrepancies.


Once a company has updated their policies and procedures to reflect CRB's best practices, LandlordBC conducts site visits and audits operations of each property. Once the audit is passed, those properties and the company are entitled to be CRB certified and can use this accreditation on their website, social media platforms, advertising, and all other marketing collateral.


A Trustworthy 4-Star Advantage

Having CRB accreditation is the 4-star advantage for a property management company. Although there is a large cost and time investment required to become accredited, it definitely pays off. The goal is to promote professionalism in the rental housing industry and provide residents with quality assurances when selecting an apartment. As part of the process, property managers and other building staff must complete required training and courses that meet the audit standards.


Setting the Rental Bar High

For Kelson Group, being accountable to our residents and maintaining a standard of quality throughout the buildings we own and manage is very important. Joining the CRB program and beginning to certify our buildings has been a valuable step forward in the rental industry and for the people living in our buildings. We currently have 6 buildings certified in the Fraser Valley, 25 in Kamloops and Kelowna and are actively working toward certifying another 9 buildings in Prince George.


We encourage more and more property owners and property rental companies like ours to gain accreditation with the CRB program and strive to provide additional high-quality rental options.



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