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Sprucing Up Spruceland Manor

Our company takes pride in helping our residents live better. We know part of that includes having a home you can be proud of, so renovations of individual suites as well as common areas are important. Spruceland Manor, one of our Prince George apartment complexes, was ready for a little "spruce up" and our team and residents are so pleased with the results. We know renovations can be a challenge for residents who live through the work happening in and around their space, but our team and contractors were able to paint, repair stucco, install new windows, and put in new irrigation without a hiccup. 

Here's a summary of some of the work we've done with before and after pictures!

New windows & weatherproofing = increasing energy efficiency. 

We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and lower energy costs for residents. We replaced the original single pane double windows with new double pane vinyl windows with a low-e coating. Residents will not only see lower energy costs but will also enjoy how much sound these windows block out for them.

Repair of Stucco = a facelift to the exterior.

Cracked stucco was replaced bringing a fresh and revitalized look to the building's exterior.

New Paint = more welcoming curb appeal.

We wanted our residents to come home to a fresh and welcoming atmosphere and a new paint job was just the ticket not only providing a more weather-resistant stucco exterior but has refreshed Spruceland Manor to look new and fresh.

Irrigation & Lawn care = greener spaces.

A new retaining wall and stairs were installed along with new landscaping and irrigation. We know the addition of irrigation will help improve the curb appeal and provide a more inviting space for the residents to enjoy during our beautiful Prince George summers. In adding new landscaping, the irrigation will provide our residents with greener outdoor living spaces and lush new views.

What's next?

This summer, we are planning improvements to an on-site storage shed as well as fencing for the back parking lot to enhance security.

If you are in the Spruceland Manor neighbourhood and looking for a great place to live, we invite you to come for a tour and get on the waiting list! With the inviting new look, you may just decide to make Spruceland Manor your new home!

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