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Riverside Gardens Refresh

At Kelson Group, we take pride in providing our residents with clean, attractive and well maintained buildings to live within. Our Kamloops-based Riverside Gardens property is currently undergoing a transformative exterior renovation and we, along with our building residents are thrilled with its progress.

When you hear the word renovation, often the term "disruption" also comes to mind. With the help of Riverside Garden's Building Manager, Lindsay Supeene, residents have been provided detailed communication and timely updates allowing them to best prepare their outdoor spaces for upgrade success and dramatically reduce disturbances.

Our professional team of locally based trades are working efficiently to keep the renovation on time and have placed additional dedication towards waste management while on site.  Aging wooden deck railings are being replaced with durable aluminum, outdoor flooring are being revived with attractive and resilient vinyl and timeworn gutters are being upgraded to assist in effectively transporting water away from the residence.  To top it all off, the building recently received a fresh coat of paint in a new exterior colour palate.

Once complete, the newly renovated Riverside Garden's exterior will visually captivate passers-by with its contemporary sand and contrasting charcoal exterior, bold black railing and gutter accents and warm terracotta accent feature surrounding the building's main entrance door.

If you are in the Riverside Gardens neighbourhood and looking for a great place to live, we invite you to come for a tour and get on the waiting list! With the refreshed look, you may just decide to make Riverside Gardens your new home!


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