Refreshing Riverside Gardens

Posted On Oct 23, 2018

Riverside Gardens in Kamloops is one of the buildings in Kelson Group's portfolio.  With a spacious outdoor area and easy access to the flat, walkable neighborhood that is Kamloops' North Shore, it is enviably located right beside the Thompson River, hence its name, Riverside Gardens. 

Our goal as a company is to always be improving our buildings for the enjoyment of our residents, and so began the project to upgrade the interior of Riverside Gardens.  Starting with some of the individual suites, we encountered significant challenges that would make any renovator question the anticipated changes!

Before renovation, the suite had a galley kitchen – long and narrow with a small window at the end. Our team painstakingly knocked out walls and put a large decorative beam across where the previously existing wall had been, opening up the kitchen to the living room.  Today, the suite has a large U-shaped kitchen and breakfast bar, with on trend pendant lights adding to the existing natural light.   A new floor plan and tall cupboards have greatly increased storage space in the kitchen.  This newly redesigned space has an airy open plan to keep family activities connected as well as creates increased room to host special events with family and friends.

As an interior decorator working with the renovation team, I focus on providing the design foundation for our suites.  The end result is often updated kitchens and baths in all neutral tones with coordinating paint colors, hard surface flooring, and carpets to provide a seamless connection throughout the suite.   The neutral design philosophy gives residents the opportunity to make the space their own by adding personal touches and incorporating their favorite colours with their choice of furniture, artwork and accessories – all of which will work effortlessly within the neutral scheme.  

In addition to this custom kitchen renovation, we are planning to incorporate a walk-in shower with a bench in select suites throughout our portfolio. It is our aim to meet the needs of all our valued residents, and having safe, accessible options is important to everyone at Kelson Group.

Our goal at the Kelson Group is to help you live better in your new home.

Before and After:

Riverside Gardens Apartments Kamloops beforeRiverside Gardens Apartments Kamloops after

Riverside Gardens before bathroomRiverside Gardens after bathroom

Riverside Gardens before livingRiverside Gardens after bathroom

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