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Kelson’s new maintenance practices changing apartment living for the better

Kelson Group has created significant efficiencies through a new customized maintenance reporting system, which allows its apartment residents to quickly share issues about their suite, building or the property where they live.

While the idea of maintenance reporting within apartment buildings is not new, Kelson Group's in-house system focuses on timely reporting towards the company's commitment to respond to a resident issue within 48 hours or less.

It also allows the members of Kelson's maintenance team to have access to the system so as issues are reported, the company can shift resources if needed, explains Jason Wassing, Kelson Group's IT manager who was part of the team that developed the new computerized system.

The in-house system makes it easy for residents to let their building managers know they are experiencing a problem by creating a report specific to their suite, building location and their issue, he adds. As always, Kelson Group prefers residents to call their building mangers if there is an emergency that needs immediate attention.

Kelly Fawcett, Kelson's VP of maintenance and construction, says the system has added more accountability to the company's maintenance processes and created a communication system that is in line with the way residents want to share information with building managers.

"This allows us to track a project from when it was reported and the continued status to ensure the issue is dealt with properly and efficiently," he says.

Reporting a maintenance issue through the new system is easy for a resident to do. All they need is Internet access and the url of Kelson's website – Residents may select "maintenance request" under the resident tab within the site's main navigation to start the process, which requires filling in fields based on where a person lives and what their issue is.

Improvements were made based on the acknowledgement that Kelson's former paper-based system lacked consistency and made it more challenging to guarantee timely responses. It was also undertaken to align with Kelson's commitment to a new apartment certification process through LandlordBC that ensures residents' maintenance requests are addressed within a certain time period.

While the paper-based system is still in place to accommodate those who do not use a computer or digital devices, the numbers of requests coming through on the new system suggests people like using it.

Kelson Group has its maintenance request tool available for residents in the cities Kelson Group operates such as Kamloops, Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Grande Prairie, Langley, Kelowna, Prince George and Abbotsford.

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