March Staff Anniversaries

Posted On Mar 23, 2020

"You have to be patient: trust the team, that they can deliver a good job." - Max Verstappen

We are excited to see the approach of spring because it means more sunshine and longer days. This time of year also means the annual start of outdoor chores and cleaning. We wanted to thank our team in advance for all the work they put into freshening up indoor and outdoor spaces for our residents. There is considerable behind-the-scenes work taking place and every effort makes a difference in the daily lives of our residents to help them live better!

We'd like you to join us in recognizing the following teammates celebrating anniversaries with Kelson Group this March.

Joy Murray | Senior Property Manager:  B.C. | Celebrating 14 years

Alexander McLeod | Caretaker: Edmonton | Celebrating 9 years

David Andrusiak | Building Manager: Edmonton | Celebrating 7 Years

Lee Heinrichs  | Building Manager: Fraser Valley | Celebrating 7 years

Jason Ozouf | Maintenance Team: Kamloops | Celebrating 6 years

Rodney Chretien | Maintenance Team: Edmonton | Celebrating 5 years

Ken Bowen | Maintenance Team: Kamloops | Celebrating 1 year

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who works hard to ensure the success of our company and the quality of life for our residents everyday.

Jason Fawcett, Vice President Operations

Kelson Group

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