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October Anniversaries


"None of us is as smart as all of us." ― Ken Blanchard


The team at Kelson Group is our greatest asset. We work together every day to create a sense of place and belonging for our residents. While these may sometimes seem like small acts, collectively, we are helping others live better. We are grateful to all our employees and are celebrating the following team members who are celebrating work anniversaries with Kelson Group this month.


 Jill Davies

Support Office Team: Kamloops

Celebrating 16 years

 Kathleen Lewis

Building Manager: Kamloops

Celebrating 5 years

 Russell Wilcox

Maintenance Team: Prince George

Celebrating 4 years

 Michelle McDermott

Building Manager: Edmonton

Celebrating 3 years

 Debra Evans

Building Manager: Edmonton

Celebrating 3 years

 Kip & Sharon Perron

Building Managers: Edmonton

Celebrating 3 years

 Sangduck Bae

Kamloops Maintenance Team

Celebrating 2 years



We are thankful for the good work the entire team does every day and wish you all a bountiful and happy October.

Jason Fawcett, Vice President Operations

Kelson Group

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