Kelson Group Spreads Kindness on Pink Shirt Day

Posted On Feb 28, 2024

Our team at Kelson Group will take time to acknowledge the annual day to stand against bullying on February 28th, 2024. Through a unique initiative, we are taking a stand as a team to show courage against bullying worldwide.

Pink Shirt Day is on February 28th this year and our staff will proudly wear custom-designed, pink T-shirts to show support for those impacted by bullying.

“This contribution is small, but we hope, empowers those affected that they are not alone and are recognized,” said Jason Fawcett, President of Kelson Group. “Our intention is for this act to be a reminder to our team and our residents that we all must take a stand for others who may not be able to stand up for themselves.”

The shirts were designed by local graphic design artist Sandra Verheoff of Kamloops, BC. The resulting artwork mirrors Kelson Group’s trademarked “Apartments to help you live better.TM” with the message that “Being kind helps us all live better”.

This initiative reflects Kelson Group's mission and principles.

“Our mission is to support the communities we operate in, emphasizing our dedication to creating positive change where we work, live, and play. Our core values – fairness, accountability, caring, teamwork, and service – are also reinforced through our commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.”

As February 28th approaches, Kelson Group's staff will proudly wear their pink shirts and stand united, paving the way toward a future built on unity, empathy, and meaningful connections with all those lives we touch.

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