Kelson Court Windows & Decks Updates

Posted On Jul 6, 2023

Everyone loves a refresh, including us!  Over the last two and a half years, Kelson Court's three buildings have undergone significant renovations that have residents over the moon.  We chatted with the building manager, Kathleen Lewis, to learn more about the recent upgrades made to Kelson Court's windows, patio doors, decks, and railings and how these changes have helped residents live better.

"These recent changes fit into Kelson Group's overall mission of helping residents live better by providing quality apartments and services," shared Lewis.

Originally, Lewis explained, Kelson Court's painted plywood decks were not waterproof and did not protect against water damage, making them a little outdated and raising safety concerns for many.  Similarly, the windows were single-pane, prone to condensation, water damage, and air leaks.

The first move in this refresh was to address these concerns.  Today, all windows, patio doors, decks, and railings have been replaced and updated to give Kelson Court Apartments a fresh and modern look.  The updated decks have given the buildings at Kelson Court a partial facelift, making them stand out from any other apartment complex in the area.

Not only have these renovations made the buildings more visually appealing, but they have also improved tenants' overall quality of life.

"Residents have given excellent feedback on these updates", said Lewis, mentioning that these have increased resident comfort through consistent heat, less outside noise, and the ability to safely use decks during the warmer months.

"Through careful planning, attention to detail, and the expertise and commitment from out team, the Kelson Court Apartments have been officially revitalized", asserts Lewis.

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