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Jessie Russell

Jessie Russell brings boundless energy to new role

Attention to detail, organization, and ensuring the bottom line balances are some of the much-needed traits Jessie Russell brings to her role as Senior Accountant for the Kelson Group.

But being serious, quiet and introverted – those attributes often credited to people in the profession – are where Jessie diverges.

As a happy, bubbly, bring-it-in-for-a-hug kind of person, Jessie's personality is sincerely positive, and not necessarily typecast to accounting. 

"I like to bring humour and energy to my job, but I do love numbers, too. I get excited about doing the bank reconciliations. I like that everything has its place," says the accounting professional, who has been working at Kelson Group for just over a year.

Jessie arrived in Kamloops and at Kelson after moving from Washington State, where she and her husband Brad had made their home for the past 10 years. Jessie and Brad, who both worked for large multi-national companies in the US, had a desire to return to Canada where they both had roots in smaller cities with greater focus on work-life balance.

When it looked like Brad would land a job in Kamloops, a former work colleague and friend here also helped Jessie identify a potential opportunity to work as an accountant at Kelson Group. When she applied and received the job offer, she believed the company was a good fit both from the job-role perspective and from the work-place culture perspective.

"I learned that this is a company that gives back to the community and is involved in the community. I'm proud to work for such a great company."

Jessie and her husband were also happy to leave behind their lengthy daily commutes, a reality of working in a large city and living in a more urban neighbourhood outside of it. Now, the most they face in a day is their drive to Kamloops Lake where they have built a new home.

Jessie's energy and enthusiasm for increasing a positive working environment has been put to good use in the office, as she has taken responsibility for initiating team building exercises and reinforcement of company core values.

"I think there is opportunity for fun and humour in the day-to-day.  There's still the hard work, but the better you know the team you are working with and believe in the company you are working for, the more balance there is in the office."




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