Giving Renters an Increased Level of Confidence in Alberta

Posted On Sep 20, 2022

Alberta: Our team at Kelson Group believes that anyone who rents should be able to rent with confidence, knowing the building they live in meets a high standard of quality. As the demand for long-term rentals increases, property owners have shifted their focus, recognizing the importance of maintaining a higher standard for building maintenance and quality assurance for their tenants. This is where the Canadian Certified Rental Building™ Program or CCRBP, comes in.

CCRBP was launched in Toronto in 2008 by the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario, expanded to British Columbia in 2015, and has gained momentum in Alberta launching just this month. Our team at Kelson Group know that this program is a game-changer for the rental industry in Canada which is why we have been a part of the program in British Columbia for years and are so pleased to incorporate these standards for our Alberta buildings.

What Does Living in a CCRB™ Building Mean?

For a multi-family apartment building to qualify as a Canadian Certified Rental Building™ it must meet five mandatory requirements:

  • abide by the Program’s Member Code of Conduct
  • adhere to the Program’s Mandatory Standards of Practice
  • successfully comply with a mandatory Third-Party Audit Process
  • have identified staff successfully complete the Program’s Training & Education component
  • agree to market and identify their building as Canadian Certified Rental Building™ to prospective tenants.

For those property management companies that are a part of the program, the only resident-focus apartment building certification program in North America, the standard provides consumers with quality-assurance they can count on when selecting their rental apartment home.

The program ensures that all registered buildings, like those in the Kelson Group portfolio, are in compliance with 52 Best Practice Standards that cover hundreds of property management requirements to ensure a high-level of quality service. All our apartment buildings undergo a thorough audit carried out by independent third-party auditors before earning the right to become a Canadian Certified Rental Building™.

Setting the Rental Bar High

For Kelson Group, being accountable to our residents and maintaining a standard of quality throughout the buildings we own and manage is very important. Joining the CCRB™ Program and beginning to certify our buildings has been a valuable step forward in the rental industry and for the people living in our buildings. We currently have eleven buildings certified in Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park, and Grande Prairie.

Our objective with the national CCRBP-approved™ apartment building program is to provide our Alberta renters with confidence when selecting their rental apartment home. Our staff has worked diligently to ensure we have met all the requirements and our team has completed the educational programs to improve our overall level of customer service that come with a quality rental living experience.

We encourage more and more property owners and property rental companies like ours to gain accreditation with the CCRB™ Program and strive to provide additional high-quality rental options as we help residents live better.

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