December 2022 Staff Anniversaries

Posted On Dec 13, 2022

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. ~ Phil Jackson

As we reach the final chapter of 2022, we want to thank our entire team for a year of hard work and teamwork. Kelson Group is proud to acknowledge the anniversaries of our team, each who work hard to provide clean, safe, and secure apartments to help our residents live better!

Our company acknowledges that everything we do is a team effort. We are thankful for a connected team of high achieving individuals who work so well together.

We want to say ‘thank you’ to those who are celebrating a work anniversary with Kelson Group this month.

Josh Pachal   |  Maintenance Team  |  Kelowna  |  7 years

Jenalyn Soriano  |  Building Manager  |  Edmonton  |  6 years

Marjorie Overton  |  Building Manager  |  Edmonton  |  6 years

Jesse Royce  |  Building Manager  |  Kamloops  |  5 years

Bagdat Yukselir  |  Cleaning Team  |  Edmonton  |  5 years

Rachel Wilkinson | Office Team  |  Kamloops  |  2 years

Kieran Markovic  |  Assistant Building Manager  |  Edmonton  |  1 year

David Royce  |  Maintenance Team  |  Kamloops  |  1 year 

Thank you for your effort and dedication. We appreciate the work you do to help our residents live better!  Wishing our entire staff and all residents happy holidays!


Jason Fawcett, President
Kelson Group

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