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City Gardens Kamloops Project Update

Kelson Group Shares Details on Notifications and Assistance for Residents of the Downtown Houses


Kamloops, B.C.: It was reported in a local news media outlet that "Kamloops residents will be left stranded as rented houses owned by Kelson Group are slated for demolition."


As a company that has operated in Kamloops for decades, and plans to for years to come, we believe it is important to provide the citizens of our community with clarity on the work we have done behind the scenes to give notice to our residents currently living in the downtown houses we own, houses which we will be either relocated or removed.


Notice to Residents

When we purchased most of the downtown houses in 2017 with plans to develop City Gardens, we started providing residents with notice. The B.C. Residential Tenancy Act notes landlords must provide a minimum of 4 months' notice. We wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible and provided almost 4 years' notice to residents. A few months ago, some residents still living in the downtown houses were given their final 4 month notice to move by September 30, 2021.


Rent Free for Residents

Wanting to be good landlords and understanding each resident has a different situation, every resident received an offer of a minimum of one month of free rent to help them find alternate housing. The free rent amount varies on the length of time a resident has lived in a home.


Rental Options

Over a year ago, our team put together information packages which shared several options for places for rent. This included options to rent at other Kelson Group apartment buildings, plus we highlighted other property management companies located within the city with rental units. Our goal was to help people more easily seek out new accommodations, sooner than later.


We will not discuss specific individuals' circumstances for privacy reasons, but our company is committed to helping each resident find a new home. We would like to thank our Property Manager and Building Managers who have been working tirelessly to provide our residents ample notice and seeking out solutions to help find alternative accommodation options. We thank the community of Kamloops for engaging with us on the City Gardens development because we believe our plan is even better because of the extensive input. We are excited City Gardens will bring hundreds of additional market and rental housing units to Kamloops' downtown core when the various phases of the development are completed.


For those interested in looking to purchase one of the houses potentially available for relocation, please reach out to Nickel Bros toll free at: 1-866-813-9430. The deadline to make a purchase is November 30, 2021. 

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